Lizette & poker tournament 2014 is ON!

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Hello all U wonderful beings!

What do we have up our sleeves this time?! We will host a freaking poker tour of course!! This will be a lot of fun so come and play with us!!!
(I’m sorry to say that this tour will not be available to our friends in the US. :-( )

U will get 2 new songs from us, so don’t miss out on this strange – yet epic event. Here is what U do:

  1. Click on: register yourself as a user on the site.
    (it is important to use this particular link! Please spread this link to others!)If you want to play on your smart phone or tablet, you can download an app for this here:


  2. Place at least 11 USD to be in the tournament. Obviously, you can bet more than that in order to play other games or if you want more money wagered.


  3. When the ´Lizette &´ tournament is posted, you will receive an email and you can then follow the instructions to join in and play.

    When this occurs you will need the following information:
    Names in the lobby: Lizette and
    (The lobby is where you choose which table you want to play at. This will be very obvious.)
    Type of Poker: Texas Holdem, No Limit
    Blind levels: 10 minutes
    You start with 3000 chips
    Seats per table: 10
    Password: Lizette
    (You will notice when this password is required.)

    U can of course play any other games on the site if U want. :-D


  4. Lets play! :-D

Who knows?

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It was summer. The sun shone. The lake was like a mirror in the bosom of nature. The swans swam peaceful in the lukewarm water and everything was peaceful.


Suddenly there was a loud roar. It sounded like a distorted roar from the pit of hell – but better – ; a wonderful 8 x 10 that was delivering the sound from a stainless steel string bass aggressively played by a full-bodied black metalhead who slowly strode the beach.


The decibel meter was overloaded, swans committed suicide and the crowd on the beach screamed in admiration. This scream; Was it real or was it just the tinnitus that sounded in his ears? Who knows? … who knows …

See you!