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Tomas is not just a thinker but also a creator. He’s not the creator of the deepest tones in an earthquake. He’s not the creator of the darkest deepest thoughts in hell. He doesn’t worship Satan and he does not have suicidal tendencies.

He just believes in love, peace and tries to understand ‚ and create…

I’m the bloody bass player in Lizette &. Yes, “bloody” cause everytime I play infront of an audience – I bleed. Maybe there’s something wrong with my technique or maybe there’s something wrong with my bass… I really don’t give a fuck – I just get exited!

I started as a bass player when some friends at school told me that I was their bass player in their band. I said – that’s OK, cause I was struggling to handle a clarinet at the time and I thought it was kind of boring. So, I bought a cheap bass with mics that was fitted with tape and started to play in a… POP band.

After about a year Steve Harris and Geddy Lee taught me how to handle a bass and since then I’ve been bleeding ;-D

I think you can say I’m a metal influenced bass player with a history in death metal
Love Ministry, Black Sabbath, Type o Negative, Behemoth and Kraftwerk and live for Lizette &!


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March 29, 2016

What is wrong?!

What is wrong with the children of today?! Today I was out for a walk – a very cool and metal walk. I meet some 10 years old school children. One of them shout “Give me five, OLD MAN! I gave him five but I gave him five in his fucking face…  – in my mind… 🙂 See you!
October 20, 2014


I walked past a pasture this summer. In the pasture stands a cow – or rather a heifer. She turned to me and spoke. Then she continued to stare and ruminate. See you!   Tomas
August 19, 2014

Who knows?

It was summer. The sun shone. The lake was like a mirror in the bosom of nature. The swans swam peaceful in the lukewarm water and everything was peaceful. Suddenly there was a loud roar. It sounded like a distorted roar from the pit of hell – but better – ; a wonderful 8 x 10 that was delivering the sound from a stainless steel string bass aggressively played by a full-bodied black metalhead who slowly strode the beach. The decibel meter was overloaded, swans committed suicide and the crowd on the beach screamed in admiration. This scream; Was it real or was it just the tinnitus that sounded in his ears? Who knows? … who knows … See you! Tomas


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