March 29, 2016

What is wrong?!

What is wrong with the children of today?! Today I was out for a walk – a very cool and metal walk. I meet some 10 years old school children. One of them shout “Give me five, OLD MAN! I gave him five but I gave him five in his fucking face…  – in my mind… 🙂 See you!
October 20, 2014


I walked past a pasture this summer. In the pasture stands a cow – or rather a heifer. She turned to me and spoke. Then she continued to stare and ruminate. See you!   Tomas
August 19, 2014

Who knows?

It was summer. The sun shone. The lake was like a mirror in the bosom of nature. The swans swam peaceful in the lukewarm water and everything was peaceful. Suddenly there was a loud roar. It sounded like a distorted roar from the pit of hell – but better – ; a wonderful 8 x 10 that was delivering the sound from a stainless steel string bass aggressively played by a full-bodied black metalhead who slowly strode the beach. The decibel meter was overloaded, swans committed suicide and the crowd on the beach screamed in admiration. This scream; Was it real or was it just the tinnitus that sounded in his ears? Who knows? … who knows … See you! Tomas
July 18, 2014

Get your ass off!

Lizette &´s new video is finally here! Released right now! Play Too young loud as hell and get your ass from the sofa and dance!!! Once you’ve done that, you can take a moment to reflect on the lyrics, getting pissed, get your ass off the couch and continue to dance to clear your head from anger and come up with something constructive! GO FOR IT! …and the lyric video: I think this video is one of our strongest and I just love the energy and the craziness in it. I don´t know what you think but I´m happy if you will tell me! Sometimes I can get frustrated. I think all creative people and all the great bands out there can be frustrated because we want people to listen and see! It´s good fucking shit we bring to the world but we are very many artists to bring it to you! Everybody want to be heard and seen but YOU have only two ears and two eyes 🙂 . BUT; if you reading this I think you have some interesting in Lizette &´s music so you might want to listen to this too – after you listen to Too Young, of course 🙂 Thank you for being around! See you! Tomas PS Someone told me; You can´t say “Get your ass off!”. My answer was: Yes I can. 🙂 DS  
June 3, 2014

Tonight I´m doing vocals.

When I´m working in the studio I´m not just a excellent bass player I’m also a very good singer. Our producer call it sound effects but WTF does she know… 😉 See you! Tomas
April 14, 2014

An almost professional blog.

A real blogger supposed to promote good products and getting paid for it . I was going to present two widgets that will bring my bass career forward. So manufacturers and retailers ; show me the money! The thing is that I had my birthday April 1 (It’s no April Fool’s joke :-)) so I made a wish for the musical part of my life. I ‘ve never been a technology freak. The only thing I usually care about is finding a hole in the amplifier for my cable and a volume control for the loudness. The equalizer can be set as a happy smiley, then it’s just for me to play. However, there are some things that I wish to have and at my birthday I got two of them: a Line 6 wireless system, so I can run around on stage and in the audience and an Ibanez Bass Tube Screamer, so I can sound even more! Hehehe! INK gonna love it … NOT ! INK´s and my stuff is usually next to each other on stage and INK is already complaining that I’m playing too loud. … It was he who gave me the Screamer! 🙂 Thanks INK …and I´m sorry, I hope you have earplugs! The wireless system was given me by my dear friends Hans and Liana! Thank you! I´m gonna dance like a madman on stage! 🙂 And now, dear manufacturers and retailers, it’s time to show me the money because here are some pictures of the amazing stuff I´m gonna use in my […]